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Make an in-Studio Reservation

At this time, we require all in-studio painters to make an advance reservation. Please call 610-759-8367 to make your reservation.  Groups or painters reservations have staggered arrival times to avoid unnecessary contact.


We have five separate tables that can easily accommodate between one to 4 people per table at a safe distance.

If you would prefer to paint outside we have several tables that can be set-up on our sidewalk or in our parking lot on days that the weather co-operates.  Just let us know when you make your reservation.


Groups of people who live together can sit at the same table. Please note, we will only have one staff person working each shift. If you have any questions, please contact us online or call us at 610-759-8367.

A note about the Corona-virus & our studio....

    The Nazareth Ceramic Center is part of a business Barbara Saslo owns known as All Decked Out Inc.  All Decked Out Inc. (A.D.O.I.) also includes the Nazareth Flag & Gift Center; Barbara's Treasures....; Nazareth Ceramic Center; Fraternal Graphics & Stitches and Copperleaf Treats.


The staff of each of these businesses strive every day to keep our customers, staff and families as safe, healthy and creatively satisfied as possible.  To this end, we continue to clean and dis-infect our studio and public areas as much as possible.


We require a face covering to be worn while moving around our store and studio areas.  Once ceramic painters are seated (and remain seated) in our studio painting room they may remove their masks, if they are comfortable doing so.  Cold, bottled water is free upon request to our paying customers.

If you are not feeling well or unable to wear a face mask for an extended periods of time, we ask both our customers and staff to please stay home and respect the health of everyone else.  As always we can pack up any of our ceramic painting projects for you to paint in the safety of your home and on your schedule.

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