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vintage ceramic Christmas trees

Nazareth Ceramic Center's specialty for 9 years


20% off illuminated trees

25% off all Christmas items

please call the studio to pre-order
your ceramic tree: 610-759-8367

between 9am and 9pm

We create over 47 different sizes and styles of illuminated ceramic trees.
All of the accessories are available to restore your heirloom vintage trees, 
including many different lite pegs and light kits!

- Please call 610-759-8367 or visit the studio to place your order; we will review your options for the trees available 
- How to order: reference the POS# of the tree. Payments are made when the order is placed
- Plan for your order to be done in two to four weeks (if your tree is currently in stock)
- We will call you when it's ready for pickup or to make delivery/shipping arrangements 

- Pricing: the three prices shown reflect: the bisque only/the project price/the finished price
For example the 3" small Nowell, POS#6214, $7.50/$15.00/$18.75. $7.50 for just the bisque piece/$15 for the project when you paint it in our studio, use of our supplies, kiln firing, your choice of lite pegs and a light source/$18.75 for the piece, you choose how we paint and what lite pegs go in it.

A paint-your-own-pottery ceramic tree project at the Nazareth Ceramic Center includes:

- Our earthenware bisque-fire ceramic tree

- Hands-on glazing or paint instruction by our specially trained staff member(s)

- The painter's color choice of traditional translucent pottery glazes, underglazes or acrylic paints. (we stock at least six choices of green glazes, but trees don't have to be green!)

- Use of our painting studio, brushes and other equipment to make your tree your way

- Either kiln-firing for your glazed tree or acrylic spray sealer for trees painted with acrylic paints (choice of matte or gloss sealers) (included in purchase price)

- We will install a traditional electric assembly or provide you with a battery powered lightly source (if applicable) and notify you that you tree is ready for the next step and pick-up (included in purchase price)

- You can apply a glittering cascade of snow on your tree, if you want (included in purchase price)

- Your choice of size, shape and color of lite pegs AND your choice of size, shape and color of the star for your tree top (if your tree takes a star). (included in purchase price)

- A storage box and shredded paper is included with your tree purchase (included in purchase price).  If you need to ship your tree, please let us pack it so it arrives in one piece.  Shipping fees and packing materials are an extra fee.

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